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Work and Education History

tholtz 2016-12-13

Edward “Ted” Holtz

Software Architect/Engineer

I’m an adaptable and broadly skilled developer, a natural leader in fast growing and changing environments. I enjoy challenges that draw on my my combination of leadership and development experiences.


Breathing Software, South Burlington, VT Feb. 2008 - Present

Software Consultant, Owner
Independent consuting on software architecture, design and development.

OpenTempo, Inc., Williston, VT June 2013 - December 2016

Lead Software Architect
Lead the development department as the company grew 200-300% annually. Promoted from Developer to Development Manager, and then to Lead Software Architect.

Center for Mindful Learning (501c3 non-profit), Johnson, VT Nov. 2010 - June 2013

Co-Founder, Executive Director
Created an online curriculum to teach mindfulness skills in K-12 classrooms. Ran a pilot study showing dramatic improvments in grades, attendance, and misbehavior.

CQG, Inc., Denver, CO Feb. 2005 - Feb. 2008

Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead
Lead a server development team in making software for high-volume futures trade processing. Introduced test driven and behavior driven development tools and processes. Lead development of continuous integration and build environments.

Impact Telecommunications, Inc., Tokyo; Osaka; Denver Jan. 1995 - July 2004

Co-Founder, CTO
International voice phone company serving markets in Japan. $4 million in annual sales.


Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics (GPA 4.0) June 1991 Bachelor of Arts, Russian Language (GPA 4.0) University of Wyoming, Lararmie, WY (Overall GPA 3.91) Full Scholarship Awarded the Goldwater Scholarship for Excellence in Math and Science


Programming Languages

Java, Javascript, Ruby, Groovy, C#.


Postgres, SQL Server, MySQL, RavenDB, ebean, NHibernate, JPA, Materialized Views.

Web Client

Bootstrap, Webpack, SASS, Jade, NPM, Knockout, JQuery, ExtJS, Node.js.

Microservices and Web Server

Spring MVC, Spring boot, Ruby on Rails, ASP.Net MVC.

DevOps and Continuous Delivery

TeamCity, CruiseControl, Chef, Java, Ruby, Gradle, Ant, Maven, MSBuild, Docker, AWS, EC2, RDS, S3, OpsWorks.

Behavior/Test Driven Development

NUnit, JUnit, Jacoco, Hamcrest, Mockito, ScalaTest, Selenium, Fitnesse, Cabybara, Cucumber, RSpec.

Security and Internal Controls

Service Organization Control (SOC I), HIPAA, Security Reviews, Penetration Scanning, Centralized Log Aggregation, Multi-Factor Authentication, Intrusion Detection.


Implementated processes for small to medium sized teams; focus on minimal process while keeping important rituals. Standup; Retrospective; Stories; QA empowerment, etc.


Startup focused Software Management, Non-Profit Management, International Business (Japan).

Mindfulness in Business

Created, taught and led company mindfulness courses and long-term daily practice sessions. Currently maintains a personal practice and study with zen, vipassana, and secular mindfulness teachers. Various connections with research (Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, etc.) and business communities (Google Search Inside Yourself, Wisdom 2.0, etc.).


Foreign Languages

English – Native Japanese – Fluent Speaking and Reading. Functional Writing. Russian – Functional Speaking, Reading. Spanish – Functional Speaking, Reading.


Meditation & Mindfulness, Mountain Biking, Marathon Running


How to get a hold of me?

tholtz 2016-12-08

I live with my family in South Burlington, Vermont. It’s a beautiful place to live.

You’re likely to find me out in the woods somewhere either mountain biking or jogging.

Drop me a line if you wanna go for a ride.